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Overview of Education/HR/STI

Settlements need to develop a well-educated and trained work-force that can compete with Alberta’s labour market. In doing so, our member’s family incomes increase substantially and their standards of living can broaden. Our settlement does have funding and bursary programs for members; mostly geared toward post-secondary schooling, but also for trades training and/or placement within industries the settlement is partnered with. We are encouraging our members to get involved in education and trades to benefit themselves and the community's economic growth. Programs are also available if members need tickets or even work supplies to begin their employment. The ultimate goal is to create a well-educated and highly skilled work-force that is both resilient and self-sufficient.

Head of Education
Lori Desjarlais - (780)594-5028


Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
Fax: (780) 594-5452
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Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
Fax: (780) 594-5452

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