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Elizabeth Settlement, in a joint effort with Habitat for Humanity, built four duplex-style homes in the town-site area during the year of 2014, thus creating eight new residences.  This project was one of the first of its kind in Canada as part of Habitat for Humanity's Aboriginal Housing Program.

Duplex Rd.

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Tip: Keeping the house/home warm throughout the winter season can be expensive and time consuming. Placing poly plastic on the windows will keep the cold air out and prevent the window from frosting up. Change the furnace filter at least once a year and clean your heating ducts every two years. If there is enough snow, you can pile it on the side of your home to create an insulating effect.


Tip: Mold is the enemy! It is bad for your health, causing respiratory problems, and slowly eats away at your home which often requires expensive repairs and general loss of the home's value. Remove mold asap, preferably with the aid of a professional.


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Phone: (780) 594-5026
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