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Elizabeth Metis Settlement members and all of us at the Administration Office would like to extend a warm welcome to any visitors, guests, and anyone else who wishes to visit our community. As of 2008, there were 644 members residing in Elizabeth Settlement and 169 households (with recent developments from Habitat For Humanity bringing that number up by 8). It is one of the smallest of the existing 8 settlements. It is our goal to share and welcome anyone that is interested in visiting our community and to let the surrounding area know more about Elizabeth Metis Settlement.


Area Overview

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Elizabeth Metis Settlement is located a short distance from the City of Cold Lake, Alberta. The settlement was first founded in 1939, and covers 25,641 hectares of land. Elizabeth Settlement was the final settling place for hundreds of Metis people. The word “Metis” is a French word translated as “half-breed” and has been adopted by the general population since the early 1930’s.

The Administration Office is a self governed alliance, which has five council members and an Administrator to oversee all contracts, programs, and services that are in operation and that deals with the needs of our community.

Elizabeth Administration Office

The Elizabeth Métis Settlement is approximately 300 kilometers northeast of Edmonton, AB on Highway 28; a drive that takes about 3 and a half hours. We are located 36 kilometers south from the City of Cold Lake. The town of Bonnyville is approximately 46 kilometers west of Elizabeth.

Building Permits

All building permits are issued by The Inspections Group Inc. (formerly Accucode Inspections Ltd.).


Elizabeth Business Directory


Aboriginal Head-Start
Phone (W) 780-594-4459
Desjarlais Bussing
Phone (W) 780-594-0102
Phone (W) 780-594-1071
Elizabeth Administration Office
Phone (W) 780-594-5028 Fax: 780-594-5452
Elizabeth School
Phone (W) 780- 594-2017 Fax: 780-594-3111
EMS Construction Shop
Phone (W) 780-594-3989 Fax: 780-594-1049
EMS Hall
Phone (W) 780-594-0005
Phone (W) 780-594-3626
Health Unit
Phone (W) 780-594-3383
Metis Nation of Alberta
Phone (W) 800-252-7553 Fax: 780-452-3462
Parent Link
Phone (W) 780-594-3493
Police CL
Phone (W) 780-594-3301
Roman Catholic Church
Phone (W) 780-594-2101 Fax: 780-594-3086
Social Workers CL
Phone (W) 780-594-7866
Water Treatment Plant
Phone (W) 780-594-5030 Fax: 780-594-5031

Community Organizations & Committees

  • School Board
  • Religious Halloween parties
  • Parent Counseling
  • Annual Men’s Hockey
  • Foster-care
  • Kids volley-ball, base-ball, hockey league
  • Yearly conferences for the youth
  • Weekly prayer meetings
  • Ladies club

Community Services

Elizabeth Metis Settlement hall is located in the center of the town-site area. Bookings for the hall can be made through Phyllis Collins at 780-594-5028 or at 780-594-0005. Mrs. Collins is also in charge of recreation for the whole Settlement as well.

  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Base-ball tournaments
  • Senior activities
  • Wakes/funeral services
  • Fun Daze
  • Dances
  • Anniversaries
  • Celebrations
  • Christmas parties
  • Graduations
  • Santa’s Anonymous
  • Annual Clean-up


Elizabeth Community Hall

All members and visitors are welcome, and encouraged, to take an active part in the community’s activities and all of the festivities that occur throughout the year. 

Religious Facilities

The Elizabeth Settlement's Roman Catholic Church is located next to the elementary school. Anyone wanting to book this facility, please contact Karen Swan between 9am – 4pm at 780-594- 2101.

  • Weddings
  • Sunday masses
  • Wednesday evening prayer meeting
  • Rummage sales
  • Halloween parties for the children
  • Seasonal celebration masses





The settlement's elementary school has an excellent staff, allowing our youth to obtain a great learning experience. The teachers of Elizabeth Settlement generate an open atmosphere for the children to feel free and comfortable while at the school.

The school operates under the Northland School Division # 61 in Peace River, Alberta. The building has nine classrooms from ECS to grade eight and can accomodate 115 students. The school employs nine teachers, one special aid assistant, one part-time secretary and one principal. A Cree language program has been ongoing since the 1980s to preserve the youth's connection to their native language. Since the late 90s, the school has built-in several new class-rooms, as well as a new kitchen; allowing students to enjoy a hot lunch without ever leaving the school. Our principal and teachers strive to make our children’s learning experience rewarding and would like to see all the youth succeed.

After completing grade eight, students may go on to the Assumption Jr/Sr High School or the high school located in the Cold Lake Energy Center. Post secondary education is available locally at the Portage College (also in the Energy Center) or its counterpart in the Bonnyville Centennial Center.

Elizabeth Métis Settlement School


Emergency Services

Elizabeth Settlement has its own fire-fighting facilities included in the Public Works building. The recent expansion of the building (visible in this photograph) has allowed for greater capacity for vehicles, equipment, and the ability to deal with local emergencies. The nearest certified Fire Department is 36 kilometers away in Cold Lake, AB.


The R.C.M.P. maintains a part-time office in the administration building. They often take random drives to the Settlement to ensure that our community is safe. For more information please contact the Cold Lake police detachment.

Public Works also owns a Grader, Sand truck and a Bobcat to deal with road construction and snow removal, especially in the winter months, to make our roads safer for everyone to travel on.

Health Care

The closest hospital is in Cold Lake, which is 39 kilometres away, and is about a half-hour drive. The local community hall has an office for our health nurse that attends to all seniors and members that have disabilities; thus ensuring that they do not have to travel into Cold Lake or Bonnyville on a day-to-day basis. Nurses and health officials come to the Settlement for annual immunization shots and Diabetes testing.

Health Unit
Phone (W) 780-594-3383
CL Hospital
Phone (W) 780-594- 3322
Medical Van
Phone (W) 780-594-5028 Fax 780-594-3384



The housing department no longer functions in its former capacity. For more information see the Housing section (subsection of Departments).


Key Contacts

Elizabeth Métis Settlement Council

Elected Officials of EMS
Box 420
Cold Lake, AB T9M 1P3
Administrator - Richard Blyan
Chairperson - Irene Zimmer
Vice Chair - Raymond Desjarlais
Councillor - Joan Wells
Councillor - Kathy Lepine
Councillor - Mavis Desjarlais


Craig Copeland - Mayor
Gordon Frank, C.A.O
Doug Parrish, Economic Development
City of Cold Lake
5513-48th Ave
Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1A1
Phone: (780) 594-4494
Fax: (780) 594-3480


Bob Buckle
Duane Lay
Vicky Lefebvre
Kelvin Plain
Darrell MacDonald

Chris Vining


Member of Legislative Assembly
Genia Leskiw
Box 5160
#2, 4428 50 Ave
Bonnyville, Alberta
T9N 2G4
Phone: (780) 826-5658
Fax: (780) 826-2165




All Settlement members under the rules and regulations of Revenue Canada are to pay taxes. We are non-treaty members living on a Métis Settlement. Any members that are living on the settlement and are private business owners have the benefit of deducting a quarter of their expenses when they are doing their taxes at the end of the year.



Administration Medical Van
Pertains to the needs of the elderly, and to the people that have disabilities, when they need to be taken to the hospital.

Air Service
Bonnyville Airport is the nearest airline to the Elizabeth Metis Settlement which is approximately 49 kilometres away. These are flights that go to Edmonton weekly.

Bus Services
Cold Lake has a Greyhound service that operates daily to accommodate the public’s needs in where their destination is.

There are two main highways that will take you anywhere you wish to go. Highway 897 that leads north to Cold Lake and breaks off to Highway 55 to Cherry Grove, Saskatchewan. If taken the same road west, will lead to Bonnyville and continue on to Edmonton which turns into highway 28.

Taxi’s & Couriers
Continental Cabs Inc. and Cold Lake Cabs are the two cabs available in the City of Cold Lake for your convenience. Puralator Courier is what the Settlement uses to deliver their mail the fastest, most affiant way.

Majority of the members that live in the area of the Settlement do have their own vehicles to drive themselves to and from work, and when needed to go to Cold Lake or where ever they wish.




Natural Gas / Electrical Power
North East Gas Co-op LTD. Tel: 780-826-4002
Direct Energy Regulated Services Tel: 1-888-420-3181

Telus Communications Company Tel: 780-310-2255
Pro-Tel Reconnect Tel: 1-877-852-1122

Internet Connections
Telus Internet Services Tel: 780-310-4638

Client Care Toll Free: Tel: 1-866-558-2273

Shaw Direct Tel: 1-888-554-7827
Bell Express View Tel: 1-888-759-3474

Water & Garbage

Water is distributed to each household weekly on their scheduled days. Additional water supply cost fifty dollars per load. Throughout the Settlement there are green garbage bins for the public’s use, whenever they are needed.



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Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
Fax: (780) 594-5452
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Box 420
Cold Lake, Alberta
T9M 1P1
Phone: (780) 594-5028
Phone: (780) 594-5026
Fax: (780) 594-5452

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