The traditional dance and accompanying music that is representative of the metis is the Jig and the Fiddle. This is in sharp contrast to other aboriginal cultures in that it borrows almost entirely from our European ancestors. Both the jig and fiddle figure into Celtic (Northern England, Ireland, and Scotland) traditions and these cultures, along with the French, contribute heavily to metis bloodlines. Bannock, the traditional bread of most aboriginal cultures, is also of Celtic origin as the word itself is Scottish.
The sash is also a significant part of our history; it is a finger woven belt made of wool approximately three meters long. Traditionally it was tied at the waist to hold a coat closed, but could also be used as a scarf or rope. Generally, it is worn as a belt by men, and over the shoulder for women, but this is not strictly adhered to. The sash is mainly displayed while dancing, jigging or during cultural ceremonies. Sashes differ in colour and design depending on region or community.

Our culture is rooted in the way our elders lived their day to day lives; their knowledge and expertise will continue to be unique and practical in a world where culture is becoming increasingly homogeneous.


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