Public Works

All of the services and equipment are operated by the members of the Elizabeth Settlement and are owned by the Administration Office under the control of Council and the Administrator. Owning a sand truck, grader, and bobcat allows our community to have safe and reliable roads to drive on.

Fire Hall

Fire Truck

Potable Water Delivery Trucks

Garbage Truck

Padfoot Compactor

Sand Truck


Essential Services:

Potable water is delivered to each household weekly at a cost of $40.00/month or $25.00/month for the elderly and disabled, this is effective April 1, 2019. Additional water supplies cost $50.00 per load when a request of a second load of potable water, before the next delivery date, effective March 17, 2021. 


Public Works retains one full-time water truck, and has also recently hired a new trainee to take over full-time maintenance of the water treatment plant. Public Works has up to six employees operating the heavy-duty equipment around the community.


Phone: (780) 594-5028

Phone: (780) 594-5026

Fax: (780) 594-5452